The A-Team

Being in the Wedding Industry we do get to work with many like minded Professionals that have “weddings” on their minds!

Sourcing new products, creating new designs, keeping up with trends and movements that no one has seen before, it’s all about being productive yet seductive to be proud in showing what you are capable of and we hope that seeing inspiration is fabulous. To allow and trust in your florist is very important and with enough communication and screen shots of things you like and don’t like, it would be very difficult to get things wrong. It’s also our little fun in letting “our hair down” so to speak.

We love and adore our work, creating for beautiful Noosa Brides. We value every single one of you and we hope that you can see our work as nice or ooolahlah. Wow I want that now!! We’re here to make your dreams come true, it’s our passion!

Front Cover of Brisbane Wedding Magazine
With Industry friends


Photographer: Jodie Modric
With: Sunshine Weddings AU

Fluffs of cloud lay in your hands, white and the palest of blue Hydrangea – available in the months of late November to May
Model: Monique Kreiss
Photography: Lindy Photography
Hair and Makeup: Silk Hair & Makeup

Full posy of roses, divine in that it’s not round, you can really play with levels within your bouquet to create that “old world” shape, and it really does extend out with having the reds on the outer edges, which really enhances the body of the bouquet and adds to the illusion of large, but lets not say it isn’t, as this bouquet has over 4 dozen roses in it, which wouldn’t you agree, it is definitely a brides dream! ♥
Model: Sharii Crump
Photographer: Melanie McNiven Photography
Hair and Makeup: Silk Hair and Makeup
Gown: Erin Clare Bridal

Gown : Erin Clare Bridal
Hair and Makeup : Silk Hair & Makeup
Model : Sharii Crump
Photographer : Karen Buckle Photography
Location : Noosa Spit