Welcome Autumn!

We survived the Summer! Yah, pat on our backs.

Here on the Sunny coast we certainly had a few scares with local bush fires in the Peregian Springs and Coolum area, but all in all, this summer was not too bad with only a week or so of extreme heat which knocked the stock back a bit with varieties available.

So cheers to Summer and here’s to a cooling off in Autumn. This is the time for change in tree leaves, lush green to epic red, yellow, orange and brown hues for the deciduous varieties like Myrtles.

Flower varieties are very lush, Hydrangea, Dahlia, Lisianthus, David Austin roses just to name a good few for our Autumn brides bouquets. Roses are plentiful as are the start of perfect Tulips and Iris. Imported selections such as Ranunculas and Anenomes are proving popular and are very exciting because the size of their blooms just blows your mind (well not literally hahah)! It’s like, what have they been grown on??! because they are just so gorgeous!

Potted orchids such as Phalaeonopsis look particularly well and if you purchase now, you will most definitely have these flowering right through the season! Remember, do not over water these beauties, they love the natural moisture that is here, so once a fortnight saturate with top ups on the air roots will make them thrive in a nice bright area in your home or office. We can easily wrap them for $45 a plant or we can place them into a glass bowl filled with moss for $65.

Phaleonopsis Orchids

King Proteas

Chyrsanthemums disbuds

Cymbidium Orchid Sprays

We’ve added some shopping options that gives us chances of free styling! If you can’t make up your mind on what to pick, this might be the way to go with fresh seasonally available flower varieties.

It’s highly unique and we work with what’s available, so each of our creations are surely yours only!

Please leave us a note in the “Order Notes” section (on the Check Out page just before the Payment) when you are ordering your Bloom’s Choice Bouquet or Box Arrangement. You can write down notes such as your 1st and 2nd preference to colour or anything else you want us know!

We love taking pictures when we craft for our clients because we feel it’s a stand out point of our service to you, so please follow us on our social media such as Instagram and Facebook and watch your order come alive!*

It’s quirky and fun , it’s our way of saying “we appreciate your business!

*Although we try our best to take photos of orders in progress, due to work load or time restrictions, we can not guarantee any particular order will feature on our social media. For privacy reasons if you prefer us *NOT* to feature your order or if you want to keep it a surprise for some one, please let us know in the “Order Notes” section.

Signing off from Noosa,

Happy Autumn, a time to reflect on our Summer times on the beach sipping cocktails with friends! Aahhh such is life,